We make and market educational courses online. 

From video production to full course creation we help you reach new students globally and stay competitive. 

Increase student intake

Have a reliable process

Save your time

The Education industry is changing.

Traditions are changing: local schools are becoming global, offline courses are going online, academia is becoming practical. Change is inevitable and those that don’t adapt, won’t thrive.  At Peak Reach, we’re here to help you make the most of this opportunity by creating and marketing your course content online.  

We do two things at Peak Reach.


Make courses

We make, market and monetise new courses using our competencies in research, video production and marketing as a full service course creation agency.


Market courses

We work with you on your existing courses to get you more student sign-ups using content strategy, video production and paid social.

Educators we’ve worked with

Course Creation

Create a course and generate reoccurring income

Our full course creation solution for experts in their field gives freedom to scale a personal brand and earn a passive income.

Course Marketing

Market your course and get more student sign-ups 

We work with course marketers to increase student numbers and enhance their marketing efforts.

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How to get your highest student intake in 5 years.

Download our free guide to learn our three-step process to increase student numbers. 

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Want to increase student numbers?

Download our free guide and learn our three-step approach to reaching more students. 

We’ve included a practical framework, as well as a worksheet so you can implement what you read and get more student sign-ups as soon as possible.