Hello! We’re Jack & James, we’re the two directors of a young, ambitious start-up called Peak Reach based in Salford. We’re glad that you’re here.

So you’re looking for a job to do with paid social media ads? Well get ready, this one isn’t for everybody.

We’re a video production company that doesn’t settle for views. Peak Reach was formed to make films that actually get results for our clients. The way we do this is through combining powerful videos with paid social and we need your help to make that happen. We’re looking for someone to drive this key area of our business forward.

We’re looking for a paid social wizard who knows their CTR’s from their CPM’s, who finesses the ROAS & ROI and has proven experience with lead gen and eCommerce campaigns to make a huge impact on our business and clients.

This isn’t your usual corporate, cog in the wheel, kind of job. Nor is it an agency that wants to work you to the bone with little in return (apart from dogs in the office). We’re looking for someone with initiative and drive to join us early on, leading a critical area of our business. We may be small, humble and no-frills now, but we feel we’ve cracked the code to offer something forward-thinking and effective.

Our system right now is to learn in-depth about our clients, then use Facebook Ads to test audiences, offers/hooks and copy and then create powerful targeted and relevant video content for them to build a strong retargeting audience. Ultimately, we create funnels, where we retarget and nurture clients creating lots of touchpoints to convert. We would be looking for someone with in-depth knowledge of this who can take it even further across many different platforms (Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn and Snapchat etc).

So with that said, we’re more interested in finding someone with the right attitude, passion for effective paid social and a willingness to roll up their sleeves to build from the ground up.

Content creation skills such as video editing, motion graphics, graphic design and/or copywriting would be a plus but isn’t essential.

We want you to have your share in the company’s success and to make you happy. This is negotiable in a way that works well for you – whether that’s a % of the management fee on paid social campaigns on top of your basic salary or a 4 day work week, we want to create a role that will keep you happy.

As a young start-up there’s plenty of room to make your mark and contribute to our mission to make more effective video. It’s a great opportunity for your work to have an impact and we’re always open to the team having their say. No idea is a bad idea (except if it’s from James).

Flexible working – you don’t always have to come in and work from your desk. Feel free to work from home or wherever.


Please email your CV & Covering Letter including any case studies of your paid social campaigns to:


Company Number: 11856345
VAT Number: 300 0931 68