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Case Study

  • Client: University of Salford
  • Project: Launch Business Incubator Hero Content
  • Team: Peak Reach


The aim of this promotional video was to show the transformation of a space within the University of Salford into the brand new Launch Business Incubator.

The video needed to provide a look into how serious the University of Salford are about investing in their students and alumni network and what Launch Business Incubator will offer to the community. 


Production for this video commenced over several days as the space was completely refitted over a number of weeks. 


This video was made to be hero content incubator. The full video is shown at the start of each cohort’s induction into the incubator, as well as being shown to external partners as a proof-of-concept. This work specifically places the University of Salford within the startup world, proves to partner organisations that they are invested in their students and allows the university to offer a safe environment for their network of students and alumni to floourish. 

Shorter versions of the interviews were also released for social media to give a more individual perspective of how a business incubator can support a startup.



Company Number: 11856345
VAT Number: 300 0931 68