Product Infomercial


What was the aim?

Comforting patients. 

MedicSpot wanted to increase conversions on their website by addressing the core concerns patients face before they book. They also wanted to improve the patient experience by explaining how the service works and increase awareness of the MedicSpot service.

How did we do it?

7 locations, 1 day.

The best outcome was to create an infomercial showing how the product worked in an engaging way.

It was filmed in Central London across 7 locations in 1 day, which meant our team had do some serious planning. 

Take a look at our results.

Saving countless hours. 

The video is played before use at each pharmacy with a MedicSpot station to automate and clearly explain MedicSpot in an engaging way, saving countless hours and human error by the pharmacy staff.

It was also played across social media channels with paid spend and used on their website to give visitors confidence to book a session.

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Company Number: 11856345
VAT Number: 300 0931 68