We’ve now got your fully produced video assets, your winning copy and the perfect audiences for your business. 

It’s time to start running your real paid social ads. 

These adverts are the first time that the video assets we have made for you are put in front of the audiences that they have been tailor-made for. 

We call this ‘cold traffic’ as it’s an audience that isn’t familiar with your brand, and focus on optimising for awareness and traffic. 


After your target audience experiences your adverts for the first time, we then retarget them. 

This is when we look at who has already watched some of your video content or visited your page and essentially send them a sequence of follow up adverts as they have already expressed interest in what you have shown them. 

We do this as the audience will already be ‘warm’ and more likely to take action.


Once we have built up a solid customer database, we can create ‘lookalike audiences’ who are also like to be interested in your business. 

A lookalike audience is an audience that the social media platform constructs using the data it’s collected from the ads we have already run. Put simply, it takes the people we’ve found to be successful leads for you and finds more people like that. 

The objective here is to expand and drive highly qualified traffic to your site, who will then also be picked up by the retargeting sequence.


A successful paid social media campaign is always a good thing. The next steps from this point is to scale that success. 

By increasing the ad spend, we work to grow to expand your campaigns success, reaching more people and converting your prospects and a larger scale. 

We can also look to starting some new campaigns that can mimic the success of our work so far. 

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