Measuring your


Are there many views? What’s the play rate? Is the quality of engagement high or low? Are the right objectives being achieved?

Throughout the campaign, we measure different metrics so that we can see how your content is performing. This is how we gauge the success of your video and know what is working and what isn’t.

What we measure depends on the objectives of the campaign, but it’s essential in every strategy.

Simply put, we measure to make sure we’re creating effective video. There is no point in creating pretty videos unless they’re getting you the right results. 

If we don’t measure to find out what your content is doing, we won’t know what impact it is having on your business and we won’t be able to optimise your video strategy.

How we measure results depends on which objectives we’re trying to achieve. For example, videos made for awareness are not measured in the same way as something which is created to get more people signing up to your new mailing list. 

There are lots of different metrics we can measure, but a few of these are engagement, conversions, relevance, play rate and comments. 


Once your campaign has run its course we’ll be able to assess what the next best course of action is. 

It may be that we extend the campaign scope to keep tackling the same objectives. Or perhaps we shift your focus to some new objectives and start planning a new campaign.

Whatever it is, we’ll make sure it fits in properly to your overall video strategy.

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