We onboard you with our business questionnaire. This is where we find out about your business and its needs.

What’s the real problem we’re solving? Who are your customers and how do they interact with your product? 

We don’t just make pretty videos based on a whim, these are the crucial questions we research to ensure results.

To create a successful marketing strategy, we need to know what makes your customers tick and your brand stand out. 

We use our discovery process to allow us to create a strategy specifically around your business and your audiences. 

This means we understand your place in the market, your USP and what you previously have tried. 

The onboarding process starts with you getting in touch. After that, we send over a short Business Intelligence Questionnaire for you to fill in so that we can really learn about your business.

Once we’ve got to know your business inside-out we can then move to the strategy phase.  


We discuss our findings together and provide solid recommendations on the strategy we believe will help you to achieve your results. 

This includes planning out your marketing funnel, completing a competitor analysis, looking at your customer journey and putting together a schedule. 


Once we have our strategy we can start setting everything up and building your marketing funnel for paid social media advertising. This is where we get your business ‘ad-ready’ and determine what kind of ads will be needed for your initial round of testing.

Whether you’ve run paid social media adverts before or not, we need to setup your website and socials to launch your campaigns from. 

Depending on which paid social media platforms we are going to be using, we setup the ad managers and campaigns. This gets us ready to start setting up ads.

We also look at your website to make sure that it is ready to receive traffic from the paid social media marketing, as well as setting up messenger bots if it’s appropriate. 

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